About Me

"Corinne Halbert initially hails from Anchorage, Alaska, although she is not an Indigenous People person, despite how many observers note she looks “at least part Eskimo-ian.” Halbert traded igloo life early on for that most soothing of accents and tolerant of demeanors by growing up just outside Boston. It all resulted in an ongoing explosion of carnal, sardonic artwork that includes comics, paintings, and illustrations awash with flesh, blood, sick jokes, dick jokes, occult invocations, acid divinations, and severely naked ladies. Since 2009, Halbert has self-published Hate Baby comics, as well as contributed to Black Eye, Magic Whistle and Suspect Device. When she isn’t rendering body cavities real and/or imagined with her signature psychedelic aplomb, Halbert peddles zines, comics, and other incendiary literature at Chicago’s revered Quimby’s Bookstore.”  –Mike McBeardo McPadden 


Instagram: @corinnehalbert